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Jordan, Aqaba, Red Sea

All roads lead to us ... We open the ways to the world of adventures!  

You will master:

· skill of quality under water camerawork,

· work with light and flashes under water

You will learn about:

· a variety, a structure and work of video cameras and underwater photoboxes

· specialities of underwater video;

· operation regulations of equipment for video shooting under water

The NDL Diver training level corresponds to the international standard EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 "Autonomous Diver".

Time passed, and I continued to improve my experience. During that period it was not enough for me to look at the underwater world alone. I was captured by the idea of letting others enjoy the unique ocean of flora and fauna. And I began to design my first underwater box. In the 90s there was no GOPRO or its analogues. I bought used photo cameras and desperately worked on creating a reliable non-leaking case. There was a lot of trial and error, and when I was ready to give up, suddenly luck attended my efforts and I succeeded. New underwater box withstood up to 18 meters depth! It only remained to learn how to make beautiful video under water ...
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						Underwater videohunter - special diving certification
Underwater videohunter - special diving certification
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List of all NDL nonprofessional course 

Specialization price € 90