«THE SEVEN SISTER» | diving aqaba

Level of training - for everyone

Depth: 2 – 16 meter

Review: to 30 + meters

Conditions: dive in shallow among coral peaks, there are burning corals, sometimes small waves

Travel among seven coral hills.

Really best scuba diving locations that is among seven coral hills with colored small fish - antiaas floating above them. Such underwater places are only in special locations (places). Here, as in kindergarten, a large variety of tiny fish gathered.

Each hill has its own inhabitants, such as Onespot damsel, Threespot dascyllus, Whitespotted devil and many others. You will get to the faery show, ordered specially for you. Small reef fish will enwrap you in a live cloud. As if you get into fish soup.

For all underwater photographers, this is a real Mecca of locations and perspectives.

The dive itself is very relaxed and lazy. In case we turn to the North-West a little, we will meet there a beautiful unusual place called Fairy Ring.   Here blennies and damsels are completely domesticated and allow you to play with them.