«RAINBOW REEF» | jordan scuba

Level of training: for everyone

Depth: 6 – 25 meter

Review: to 25 meters

Conditions: calm drift among two coral walls

You hit the bright ball and swim in the epicenter of events.

Rainbow reef dive site is located not far from the home site Gorgon 1 and 2 in the direction of Aqaba. It was called that because its shape is very similar to a rainbow. It starts at 6 m and goes down to 18 m.

Our path goes between two coral walls. The northern wall was created by human to protect telecommunication cables that run along the seabed between Jordan and Egypt. But since 1996, the wall has turned into an artificial flowering reef, where the most diverse inhabitants of the sea live.

Coral peaks shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, where make sea lilies snug elegantly . On the sandy bottom, between them, you can often see eagle ray, Spotted Ray, Crevalle Jack quarax, Hystrix fish, Parrotfish parrot fish, butterfly fish, Napoleon and scorpion, Hussar, butterfly fish, wrasse, and scorpion fish.

Also this dive site is very popular at night. Moray moray eels and scorpions make a luxurious repast and sea slugs, so called “Spanish dancers”, dance in the bright light of lanterns. Octopuses ‘’try on the most beautiful colors of their tail-coats’’, and crabs like smart waiters rush along the bottom in a big group.