To be on first-name terms with weightlessness

All roads lead to us ...

We open the ways to the world of adventures!

In different situations, it is vital for an experienced diver to be able to control his own buoyancy. One move of flippers and he/she already flies down in a free fall or soars smoothly upwards like an airship, or simply freezes at any place to admire either the enchanting landscape or an unexpected meeting with a new underwater secret.

Ideal buoyancy is an ideal safety and ,basically,the solution of any tasks set under water.

The NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course will teach you:

• spend less energy during the dive;

• to hover near the object of photo and video filming and focus on the process;

• to pursue an unswering course, not to raise slime and sand from the bottom;

• to avoid damage of equipment during diving;

• to double your dive time

In diving there is an "unspoken" rule: never judge a diver by their certificate, but their ability to breathe underwater.

Welcome, let's get acquainted. I'm Victor, Instructe Rank **.                                                      How I became a diver? You’ll probably ask. To begin with, in early childhood I dreamed of the sea. It was blue, transparent and crystal clear. The sea can be the same: quiet and daring, calling joyfully and whispering quietly ….and it told me old tales.But unfortunately, in a small town, where I lived, there were dozens of                                                                 When I first saw the sea, I was standing charmed and could not take my eyes off of the broad expanse. What power and freedom it kept in secret!    “I must be here, near the sea,” I decided then and began the first level of diving training ... Since then, 30 years have passed. I dive in one of the most hospitable dive centers of Aqaba on the Red Sea.       Dreams should come true! I wish your desires come true, and I am here to become your guide to the dream! 
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Amateur diving course Professional buoyancy diver | Red sea, Jordan</span>
Amateur diving course Professional buoyancy diver | Red sea, Jordan
<span style="font-weight: bold;">All amateur diving courses in NDL</span>
All amateur diving courses in NDL

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