NEW CANYON | scuba diving in aqaba jordan

Level of training: for certified

Depth:               5 – 50 meter

Review: to 20 meters

Conditions: dive into the canyon along the wall with a light current at depth

The largest reef in the coastal zone.

Earthquake in 1983 gave the coastal zone of Aqaba a deep and beautiful wreck. It is also called Oliver’s Canyon. Many types of hard coral invaded this place. They go down to a depth of 35 meters, and then there is a bottomless chasm, where the bottom is not visible.

The dive begins not far from the dive site Tank. Initially, we will sail along the sandy bottom, but don't let that bother you because from a depth of 12 meters coral walls grow like fabulous giants around you. There are many scorpionfish, schooling reef fish and other invertebrate species (mollusks, sponges, sea lilies and urchins)

Here we need to make a choice where to swim. You will find black corals to the right. Many pelagic fish species will accompany us sedately along the route. At the end of the canyon, large reef predators are often found, as well as large turtles.

If we turn left, we will see magnificent underwater plateaus with a carpet of algae and exotic flora. These valleys are nestled among the coral walls with a height of more than 15 meters. On this route, it is convenient to conduct training and improve the skills of perfect buoyancy. Here you can also see turtles and stingrays.

Provided that you breathe properly and you still have a supply of air, a nice bonus on the way back may be a study of a submerged tank.