«КING ABDULLAH REEF» aqaba diving

Level of training: for everyone

Depth: 3 – 23 meter

Review: to 30 meters

Conditions: quiet dive on a large underwater atoll

Diving worthy of kings.

This dive site is popular with divers, underwater photographers and snorkelers. Pure water and lack of current allow you to make masterpieces of photography.

The reef was named after the King of Jordan Abdullah II, who was keen on diving and popularized that active kind of recreation in every possible way.

The most popular attraction of the route is the Crown Reef. On its surface you can see a lot of multi-colored sponges from tiny to huge giants.

Underwater pastures are full of large turtles and stingray stingrays. Shoals of Butterfly fish swim past you. On this reef life pulses with all colors, shapes and sizes.

Plunging deeper to a depth of more than 21 meters, you will see a magical garden of gorgonians, inhabited by large fish. Many of them are so brave that they will accompany you along the route for some time.