«JAPANESE GARDENS» | jordan scuba

Level of training: for everyone

Depth: 0 – 20 meter

Review: to 20+ meters

Conditions: smooth descent along the wall with a light current at depth

Kingdom of corals and pelagic fish

This place enchants with its unique flora and fauna. Imagine a combination of fancy natural stones and a fabulous coral garden. Add to this image a variety of all conceivable shapes and sizes of the fauna of the Red Sea ...

Rays and turtles guard this fancy place. Shoals of fish run between you and coral reefs. You can see many species of vertebrates and invertebrates here for the first time.

Smoothly plunging to a depth of 24 meters to the eas, an unexpected steep cliff awaits you. The rise and fall of the tide in this place form a small current, which carries many nutrients, so this area is loved by many species of pelagic fish. larger pelagic fish.

Soon we smoothly descend into the Black Rock valley and move along the wall to 26-30 meters and gradually return back in a circle.