«GORGONE II» | aqaba jordan diving

Level of training: for everyone

Depth: 5 – 40 meter

Review: to 20 meters

Conditions: underwater meadows with algae, detached coral peaks

The best lace colony gorgonian.

Our goal is two huge corals - the gorgonian, but the path to them is not close. First having smoothly plunging to a depth of 20 meters, we will pass through the sandy bottom where you can be photographed with green turtles in the background that are peacefully grazing on underwater lawns. Plunging deeper you will meet moray eels, lionfish and snapper. Moving past another Seven Sister dive site, we will be able to admire the many shallow coral peaks.

And here we have the first openwork gorgonian colony (gorgonian). Their soft stems seem to wave and greet divers. Plunging deeper at a depth of 30 meters, we see another garden gorgonian. Compared with their aquarium relatives in their natural environment, this polyp has reached a height of about 2 meters. This is a favorite place for exotic photos and unexpected selfies. A little deeper begins the new site "New Canyon", but that's another story.