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Tour from Aqaba to Petra -  112 EUR

(small group 4-7 people)

The Arab city of Al-Batra is known to many foreign tourists as Petra. It is located in southwest Jordan. Today, Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is included in the new “Seven Wonders of the World”.

In a programme:

1 - Our driver picks you up early (7.00 am.) from your hotel and head to the visitor in Petra. 

2 - You can walk inside Petra  about 5 hours. You begin your adventure with the Sik Canyon. Then we will see the beautiful "treasury of the pharaohs" Al-Khazneh. The "Pink City" is very large and if you want to ask what to see in Petra, I will tell you that you can plan a tour to Petra at will! You do not depend on large groups, strict schedules and the need to follow a guide. 

3 - After a walk, our driver picks you up from the visitor center at the entrance to Petra. Enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the best restaurants in Wadi Mouse. Drinks are not included in the tour price. 

4 - Return to Aqaba around 18.00 pm

The price includes: transfer - entrance tickets - insurance - lunch

Tour from Aqaba to Wadi Rum  - 49 EUR 

(small group 4-7 people)

The lunar desert is an active tour. This place has everything: freedom, eternity, movement and stellar infinity. You can taste national Jordanian dishes. Watch and even take part in authentic Bedouin dances.

In a programme: 

1. The driver picks you up at the hotel - a transfer to Wadi Rum (40-50 minutes on the way), with a stop at an abandoned railway station (a favorite destination for Hollywood directors). 

2. Driving on brand new all-wheel drive Toyota HiLux pickup trucks in historical places associated with the hero of the Arab liberation movement Lawrence of Arabia. In each place we make a stop to be impressed by the beauty of the Red Desert, drink invigorating Bedouin tea, ride camels and take selfies in fantastically beautiful places. The culmination of our tour will be the contemplation of a magnificent sunset. 

3. Buffet in a comfortable Bedouin camp. A hearty and tasty dinner, the highlight of which will be the national dish Zarb from the most tender lamb meat. 

4. Transfer to Aqaba to the hotel, with a stop on a beautiful plateau where you can reach the stars with your hand. 

The price includes: Transfer - entrance tickets - insurance - lunch.

Tour from Aqaba to Dead Sea (3 in 1) - 95 EUR

(small group 4-7 people)

The Dead Sea is known for its beneficial and healing properties. This place is truly relaxation and good for our body.In addition, we will stop at the site of the Baptism of Jesus. You can plunge yourself into the wonderful waters of the Jordan River and feel the benefits for your soul.

In a programme: 

1. The driver picks you up at the hotel (7.00  - 7.30 a.m). 

2. Transfer to the place of the Baptism of Jesus, the Jordan River. 

3. Transfer to Hot mineral springs (Hammamat Main). 

4. Dead Sea with stops for beautiful panoramic photos. Enjoy spa relaxation. Modern comfortable beach (Amman Tourist Beach) has everything you need for a relaxing vacation. 

5. Lunch 

6. Transfer to Aqaba to the hotel (19.00 p.m) 

The price includes: Transfer - entrance tickets - insurance - lunch.

All you need is sunglasses, we will take care of the rest!