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The National Dive League is a young and modern international system of digital diving education system. It was created on the basis of such famous leading lights as PADI and CMAS. It closely cooperates with certifying organizations according to European and international standards. Conformity tables are on the EUF and Austrian Standards Institute website

In June 2007, NDL has been audited in:
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AUSTRIAN STANDARDS INTERNATIONAL - Standardization and Innovation
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All courses from amateur to instructor were agreed on EN and ISO. This certification should have any certification system in the field of non-professional diving training


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1. Fundamental rule: High level of preparation and strict control of quality.

2. Training is conducted in accordance with international standards EN and ISO.

3. We offer an individual approach to everyone, so scuba diving lessons pass in mini-groups (1 - 3 people).

4. Free access to electronic textbooks and video lessons on practical skills in the water provided.

5. Possible to study theoretical material independently at your own pace.

6. An instructor is assigned to you who accompanies you throughout the course.

7. Consultation offline or in person meeting 24 hours / 7 days a week.

8. Practical skills are practiced in water under the watchful eye of the master.

9. On the same day after completing the course, you receive an electronic certificate on your smartphone.

10. Plastic certificate is sent by mail.

10. Even after completing diving courses, you can update the theoretical part of the course for free by reading its electronic textbook on the relevant section of the NDL website.

12. We accept the certificates of any other training systems (according to their compliance with EN, ISO). You can continue to raise your level or put through specialization in NDL programs.

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Scuba diving for beginners in Red sea,  Jordan

Amateur courses

Adventure begins

Professional courses

There is no limit to perfection

Special training programs

A new skill - a new level of adventure

  We are ready to teach you, even if you have no experience of diving at all, even more, you can scuba dive from the age of 10 onward ...

  Experienced instructors will work with you and they will watch the learning process closely, so that you will not get hurt.

Our students master the skills of scuba diving in a couple of classes, and you, personally, will feel it very soon.

   Diving training takes place individually or in a group of up to 3 people of the same level. According to the curriculum, all students receive such workloads that after class they can live an active life and not feel tired.

   For only 60 euros per day you will discover that absolutely new incredible underwater world, which you would never see on land. The world of weightlessness and silence, bright colors and mysterious creatures.

Can a petty banknote be compared with the whole world, you will present yourself?

*Attention! The number of places is limited to 3 people in a group

to maintain an individual approach to each participant in the educational process!

How to become a student of the diving club Nautilus.


Register for a course on our website in any convenient way.


Pay within 3 working days the diving course you have chosen and receive a gift


Congratulations! You are a student of the diving club Nautilus. We are waiting for you in the classroom!
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