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Jordan, Aqaba, Red Sea

All roads lead to us ...      We open the ways to the world of adventures!

This is the most important diving course you can complete in just 3 days.  After training: 

You will be able to:

• learn the basics of underwater orientation;

• make night dives;

• Increase comfort and safety when practicing deep-sea diving;

• improve further skills and skills.

You will study in more detail:

• fundamentals of physics;

• general oceanology;

• anatomy and human physiology;

• the design and operation of diving equipment.

You will learn:

• dive using flashlights;

• feel comfortable at depths from 18-30 meters;

• orientation under water using a compass.

You will receive:

The certificate of completion of the diving course in several versions, as on the sample:

• electronic certificate

• plastic certificate

The NDL Diver training level corresponds to the international standard EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 "Autonomous Diver".

As years were passing, I was dreaming of the sea. But at that time it was only the dawn of diving , everyone said that programmers were more in demand and earned good money. I enrolled in a technical college, and my guiding star continued to lead me through life. I accidentally found out that one of the oldest or (known) diving clubs was located in the educational establishment I was studying at, so I was able to continue my studies. My responsibility to scuba diving drew attention of my coaches, and soon I assisted them in training of freshmen ... 
Diving course Universal diver  (2  level ) -
Sample diving certificate Universal Diver

You get a huge base of new knowledge and skills, with a minimum investment of € 190.