Born free ( Pass level #1)

Jordan, Aqaba, Red Sea

All roads lead to us ... We open the ways to the world of adventures!

This is the most important diving course you can complete in just 5 days.  After training...

You will be able to:

• plan, conduct and register without decompression dives, with your partner without an instructor;

• hire scuba gear;

• improve your diver’s qualifications in other NDL courses or another certification system

You will study:

• basics of physics;

• general oceanology;

• anatomy and human physiology;

• the design and operation of diving equipment.

You will learn how to:

• assemble and disassemble a scuba ;

• blow a mask if water gets into it;

• put on a mask and take it off under water;

• put on a scuba and take it off under water;

• go down the cable;

• control emergency ascent from 18 m depth;

• take off and put on equipment under water ( e.g. a weight belt, a mask, a compensator and so on)

You will find out what neutral buoyancy is.

You will receive:

The certificate of completion of the diving course in several versions, as on the sample:

  • electronic certificate
  • plastic certificate
The NDL Diver training level corresponds to the international standard EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 "Autonomous Diver".
Welcome, let's get acquainted. I'm Victor, Instructor Rank **.                                                              How I became a diver? You’ll probably ask. To begin with, in early childhood I dreamed of the sea. It was blue, transparent and crystal clear. The sea can be the same: quiet and daring, calling joyfully and whispering quietly ….and it told me old tales.But unfortunately, in a small town, where I lived, there were dozens of mines, and little water.                                               When I first saw the sea, I was standing charmed and could not take my eyes off of the broad expanse. What power and freedom it kept in secret!    “I must be here, near the sea,” I decided then and began the first level of diving training ... Since then, 30 years have passed. I dive in one of the most hospitable dive centers of Aqaba on the Red Sea.       Dreams should come true! I wish your desires come true, and I am here to become your guide to the dream! 
Diving certification for beginners.   Special favorable offer
Scuba diving certification for begginers
Diving course for beginners
Scuba diving certification for begginers (back side)

The price of the Diver NDL diving course is not $ 520 or even $ 450, but only $ 350. And only in 4-5 days term you will feel almost like legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau