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Jordan, Aqaba, Red Sea

All roads lead to us ...

We open the ways to the world of adventures!

Save 210 dollars instantly!

There is always an alternative for those who are able to count their money. 1 Course Advanced Universal Diver NDL includes 3:

Are you an ambitious diver who wants to explore the world's depths of the oceans in a relaxed flight of weightlessness? So right now imagine boundless water surface.

Do you feel how water is enswathing you … slowly and smoothly? The sea is inside you and you are inside the sea!

But, as you know, at a private VIP party, as well as in diving, there are special rules of etiquette. Advanced Universal Diver NDL will help you to learn everything about them at once.

You will learn:

• to navigate under water on various diving sites easily;

• to make safe deep dives up to 30 meters;

• to swim underwater at night.

The NDL Advanced Universal Diver differs from the NDL Universal Diver course in four extra dives in open water.

Upon completion of training, you will receive the NDL Universal Diver Certificate, which will specify the maximum recommended submersion depth of 30 meters.

Under water the time flies , and every time I wanted organize my actions better and better in order to enjoy virtuoso diving. To dive deeper, explore the forgotten secrets of the underwater world. Here I had to put through more than one diving course in order to hone mastery. But the skills I had gained turned out to be priceless!Attention!!! If you read to the end of the page, you will find a very tasty offer for training diving in the Red Sea.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Diving course Advanced universal diver | Red sea, Jordan</span>
Diving course Advanced universal diver | Red sea, Jordan

The price of the Advanced Universal Diver NDL diving course is € 245.