A person who knows all!

Jordan, Aqaba, Red Sea


If you want to:

• fulfill your childhood fantasies of a superman or commander;

• make your hobby your favorite job,

While travelling around the world, make money not spend it.

• surround yourself with a large number of friends and acquaintances,

• become a role model for admiration and imitation

• develop your organizational skills

• evolve leadership qualities and independence

• plan and control competently

• explore the World Ocean

• take a break from office work, virtual communication and enjoy bright lively adventures.

The Divemaster NDL course is more than just freedom then!

Modern world without borders and the powerful development of the divetourism has promoted the job of divemaster to be very popular.

Any resort allows you to do what you love. You are limited only by your imagination and level of determination. While others are dreaming to travel for free, and to work having a rest , you have already been doing it!

NDL Divemaster training is a course of true self-sufficiency and personal creative personality training working on objection and fears. Now you are a true friend and your way of life is regarded as a real role model.

After graduation and all the necessary experience and skills are developed you can carry on your way of enhancement. NDL instructor will assist you, but this is a completely different opportunity and money.

Under water the time flies , and every time I wanted organize my actions better and better in order to enjoy virtuoso diving. To dive deeper, explore the forgotten secrets of the underwater world. Here I had to put through more than one diving course in order to hone mastery. But the skills I had gained turned out to be priceless!
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Divemaster - diving courses for professionals.</span>
Divemaster - diving courses for professionals.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">All diving courses in the NDL training system</span>
All diving courses in the NDL training system

Swim in order to change your way of life for only € 540.