«CEDAR PRIDE» aqaba jordan diving

Level of training: for everyone

Depth: 7 – 25 meter

Review: from 8 to 30 meters

Conditions: shipwreck

Big shipwreck - 74 meters for your adrenaline rush.

Cedar Pride” was built in 1964 in Spain and for a long time passed from owner to owner, until in 1978 it was bought by the Lebanese company “Cedar Pride”, which gave it the fourth and last name - “Pride of Cedar”. On November 16, 1985, the vessel was deliberately flooded at the direction of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, who is actively involved in diving. It happened after a fire that destroyed the engine room, a residential cabin, on August 2, 1982, killing two people. And although the "Cedar Pride" building remained intact, it was decided to make an artificial reef out of it. Today, this ship is overgrown with a variety of soft and hard corals. Many species of Red Sea fish chose a safe home in Cedar Pride.

Cedar Pride is located between the Rainbow Reef dive sites and the Japanese Gardens, stern north 130 meters from the shore. A permanent buoy is attached to it, followed by the administration of the Marine Reserve of Aqaba. The length of the vessel - 74 m, payload 1161 tons. The maximum depth is 25 m, the top of the masts is 7 m, so the ship is very interesting for divers of any level of training. The ship lies on the port side, spreading a bridge between two reefs, so that at a depth of about 25 m you can swim under it. Near the mast at 20.5 m - a lifeboat. The ship is in excellent condition.
Due to the relatively small depth and the absence of strong currents, diving to the place of flooding of Cedar Pride is not difficult even for inexperienced divers. Diving can be started from the beach or from a boat or dive boat. If the beach is chosen as the starting point, then in this case approximately half of the way goes at a depth not exceeding two meters. Further, the bottom gradually descends, representing a kind of flat hill, on two ledges of which a ship lies on its left side. In the middle part between the hull and the bottom there is a passage and you can dive under the ship. In the fore and aft of the hull there are two large openings that allow to explore it from the inside. For a long time in one of the holds of the ship was a small air pocket, but over time it decreases. A dilapidated lifeboat is still attached to the port side. Large three-bladed propeller and steering wheel. Masts, captain's bridge and other superstructures in good condition. 

For certified and experienced divers developed a special underwater tour of the ship's inner holds.