«C - 130 HERCULES» aqaba diving

Level of training: from beginners to experienced

Depth: 12 – 17 meter

Review: from 20 meters

Conditions: aircraftwreck

Take off over the bustle! Betting in the weightlessness of the Red Sea!

The newest and most fashionable Wreck of Aqaba 2018 is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. His story began with ...

In the fall of 2017, the Jordanian authorities decided to create an artificial reef by the coast of Aqaba. In order to get this done, a huge C-130 Hercules cargo plane, with a length of 30 meters and a wingspan of 40 meters, was chosen. For more than 60 years, the air liner had been in the service of the Jordanian Air Force and had been floating in the sky, and now it has become home to many underwater inhabitants. The submergence of the aircraft was organized properly and done with a formal ceremony . Many international media spotlighted that event.

The plane is perfectly preserved, you can swim in the cabin or in the cockpit, feel like an unsurpassed pilot. And lovers of selfies will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of details and locations of “Hercules”. Depth 15 - 17 meters is available to many people.

Near the plane there are mysterious Japanese gardens and fabulous “Gorgon” heads. The entire underwater route is intense and exciting.