«BLACK ROCK» | diving in jordan

Level of training: for everyone

Depth: 27 meter

Review: to 30+ meters

Conditions: easy flow, several diving destinations

Two routes - two ways, which one will you choose?

Right below the surface, a real coral garden with a huge variety of types and forms opens. Nature has created an underwater oasis that is protected from strong currents and waves.

You can choose any direction. For lovers of drift the south direction is suitable. Heading north, you will swim against the current. It is not very strong, but still you need to remember to control the exit point.

On the route, you will see leaf-like corals similar to fabulous crowns, and a number of huge heads of soft corals, but fiery corals with fabulous turrets attract particular attention. At a depth of 25 - 27 meters, there are black corals, this rare species is very much appreciated in the jewelry market.

One of the best diving sites where you can see turtles. Also in these places, the Aqaba Marine science station is introducing advanced development for growing corals on artificial reefs. You can rarely see such a mini kindergarten of coral.